Keep traveling

Turkey has been hit by a series of bomb attacks in recent years, mainly in Istanbul and also in tourist resorts on the Mediterranean. (BBC News)

A bomb attack took place in Istanbul Sunday. Istanbul is one of the destinations we’re visiting our our Great Ten Year Anniversary Trip in 2007. Such is the world we live in now that my response in terms of analyzing the imact this has on my travel plans was to instant message Brian and say “No one was killed. This doesn’t change my mind about visiting Istanbul.”

Which makes me wonder – what *would* make me say no to a destination, and how close to my time of visit woudl it have to occur? We went to New York City less than two weeks after September 11th.

We’re going to London in October. Yes, I’ll think about the Tube attacks last year, but will we still take the Tube? Absolutely. Taxis cost far too much in London.

Would traveling life be different for me now if September 11th had never taken place? Would a history of attacks in a locale prevent me from going? Maybe. I guess I’m thinking a lot about Sept 11th because of the five-year anniversary around the corner. Our traveling days started in 2001, but only one of our seven trips was “pre-9/11.” I wonder how my outlook would be different if — well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll weigh and calculate my risks, and keep traveling.


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