Money for my words

Like many travelers I harbor dreams of travel writing. Having met many of the rare and fortunate specimens of career “travel writers” while working my tourism gig, I know what a sweet deal they really have.

I’m realistic though and know the lifestyle of press tours isn’t in my near future. I’m pretty giddy though, that my first published piece was officially accepted this morning. I wrote a story about a cooking class in Florence Brian and I took (and love) in March in Florence. I guess I sound pretty lucky here because I actually won the class as a prize on for another story I wrote about meeting Brian’s family in Slovakia.

International Travel News is a monthly black and white travel magazine primarily reader-written. It’s “jam packed with travelers’ experiences, evaluations and tips as well as up-to-date travel news & advisories and the latest tour, cruise and airline offerings — all to enhance your next overseas trip.” I like that it focuses only on overseas travel, no North America or Caribbean.  My story is scheduled to appear in February 2007. The magazine offers a free sample issue at their Web site – if you can remember to stop back by order yours in January.

While the pay is just 50¢ per column-inch (I can’t exactly pay for my next trip with the income) I can’t wait to see my name in real hard-copy print. And I hope to follow this success with a story on our visit to the Rungis market in Paris next month. It’s the largest fresh-food market in the world and may only be visited the second Friday of the month. Lucky for us we just happen to be in Paris the right day in October. According to a CNN article this weekend travelers seem to have a healthy appetite for culinary tourism so between my love of travel and food I hope to tap into that.


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