the flood

we woke up this morning to this in our basement – the damage left by three feet of standing water overnight:

long story, too tired to tell it all. Have lost  winter clothes, yearbooks, photos, our “mercantile” stock of food and household stuff,  christmas tree and ornaments and decorations, our box of keepsake stuff like newspapers from the millineum and 9/11, dishes, all the small kitchen appliances that  don’t fit in our kitchen, our new suitcases, on and on and on. The floor buckled like an earhtquake hit it and our furnace is possibly destroyed.

Round two of the rain looked like this – Brian’s quick work getting sandbags prevented further damage.

Tomorrow we gut the drwyall, bleach and clean. Brian’s experience working after Katrina taught him to toss out most everything that was in standing water and bleach everything else.

I’m thankful tonight that  I’m safe and dry with my little family. Our trip is in 11  days – it goes on, just minus the pricey bits. We’re in Paris, a baguette with frommage will be heaven, I don’t need a michelin restaurant to be happy. maybe i can replace some of my winter clothes while we’re there – trying to look on the bright side here.

see the story in photos – taking pictures was my coping meachanism today.


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