Travel friends

Late night in Venice

Originally uploaded by travelingmcmahans.

We’ve had fun on some of our travels meeting other travelers. It happens that half dozen or so of the cool people we’ve met live in or near London – where we just happen to be going next week!
I’ve emailed Mike and Dorota – an adorable couple we met one night at a bar in Venice in March, along with two other couples we met on a pub crawl in Budapest (you see a theme here do you?) and we hope to meet up next Friday night in London.
It’s magical when you meet people in Europe and hit it off – will it be just as fun when we *plan* to meet? I have a feeling being in a pub together will contribute to it being loads of fun.


2 responses to “Travel friends

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  2. Meeting people on pub crawls is one of the coolest things ever in my opinion. I still keep in touch with people I met on vacation in Italy, France and even Egypt! Love reading your stuff (even these older ones), thanks!

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