Scallops and fall cheese and fennel, oh my!

From Regal and the Almanach du Gastronomie via comes this list of what’s hitting the markets in Paris this month:

Arriving: scallops, dorade, pumpkin, trumpet of death and hedgehog (pied de mouton) mushrooms, Vacherin cheese, American apples, pears and quince.
Leaving: germon tuna, mackerel, lobster, sardines, eggplants, goat cheese, reine des reinette apples, nuts and grapes.
In full season: oysters, bouquet prawns, sole, calamari, herring, anchovies, guinea and other game fowl, rabbit, deer, spinach, turnips, carrots, cepes, girolles, fall cheese (bries, camemberts, munster, Epoisses, Maroilles, Abondance, Beaufort, Comte, Cantal, Salers, Laguiole), beurre-hardy and comice pears, nuts, grapes, chestnuts, figs and peche de vigne.
Also: black cod, mackerel, pike-perch, venison, wild boar, bilberries, beetroot, white beet, broccoli, carrots, celeriac, fennel, frisee, haricots verts, mache, turnips, sorrel, leeks, chickpeas, pumpkin, and these cheeses (banon, fourme d’Ambert, lavort, morbier, munster, picodon, reblochon, Roquefort, le sable de Wissant, tomme de Savoie.)

The cheese alone make me so happy. I am so used to the lifeless packaged bries from my local grocery store that the thought of my first bite of an ethereal baguette stuffed with the oozing creamy goodness of a French cheese makes me go all kinds of giddy.  And pumkin – dare I hope to have a pumkin pasta? And how about the fennel, the delights of which I recently learned at Charlie Trotter’s?

Ahh, as if I’m not having enough trouble sleeping at night (I’m too exciiiited to sleep says the little boy in the cloyingly sweet Dinsey ad) now visions of fourme d’Ambert will dance through my head the next two nights.


2 responses to “Scallops and fall cheese and fennel, oh my!

  1. TRUMPET OF DEATH?! Awesome.

    “What’s the name of that cheese again, Chunk?”

    “I forgot, Chef.”


  2. Fourme d’Albert is precisely the cheese the crepe chef at La Ciderie in Honfleur uses in the out-of-this-world Boudin noire crepe with apples poached in Calvados. Go for it, Brian!

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