4053.3 miles before we sleep

According to webflyer anyway.

I woke up an hour before the alarm went off and struggled with the urge to get up and do things, lots of things, things I have to do before I Fly To London Tonight! But in the end the sheer pleasure of lying prone in my comfy bed won out. I won’t lie prone again until I’ve traveled more than 4,000 miles crammed into a tiny stiff seat on a jet. The next time I lie my weary head down it will (thankfully) be on a plush pillow tomorrow night at the London Waldorf (courtesy of a huge number of Hilton points).  I think it will beat the  broken bunk beds in the hostel we stayed in on our first trip to London in 2001. And as Brian pointed out when I pleaded with him to put my 3 extra pairs of shoes in his larger bag, I’m not a backpacker any more. :)

I’ll try to post a dispatch within a day or so of arriving.  Until then – cheerio and a bientot!


7 responses to “4053.3 miles before we sleep

  1. As I check the itinerary I notice it is only about 30 minutes b4 you leave so you must be about to board the plane. Let the worry begin! As a mother you never ever stop doing that, worrying that is. Whether your child is 3 or 30 something you always want to know they are safe.

  2. I checked the delta.com site this morning first thing and saw that your plane landed safely. Also, saw you called the Poppa’s phone at 5:30 while he was in the shower. Sorry we missed the call. Hope you are having a wonderful time!!!

  3. heyyyyyy…what about the update!!!! I keep checking…wondering how everything is going. Im sure you must be busy busy and having lots of fun:) be safe and talk to you soon. love you

  4. ditto Angela and big daddy, where is the update?
    Thanks for taking the time to call me from France yesterday on my birthday

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