The loot

The most shopping fun we had was a La Bovida, a restaurant supply store in Paris. Brian’s big treat was two copper pots – these things are heavy and should last forever! I ran around like a delirious kid in a candy store snapping up adorable teeny white dishes (65 euro cents each, load up!), escargot gear, a darling beurrier (covered butter dome), a fish platter, tiny coffee spoons and other fun accoutrements.

I can’t believe we didn’t go over our luggage weight limit with those pots (thanks again for the duffel bag Dave + Aralynn!).

I also got a new black coat to replace the one I lost in the flood, we each got a swatch (a bit more affordable than the 130,000 euro one we saw in one shop, an antique tablecloth and salt/pepper holder, and of course some groceries at La Grand Epicerie, including truffle mayonnaise and a sea salt with fennel I can’t wait to try. Oh, and one bottle of pommeau, an apertif made of calvados (apple brandy) and apple juice. That was all the liquid we dared to pack.
The loot!

Note to first time travelers: I used to studiouly log every last postard and trinket I’d buy in Europe on my customs declaration card. Don’t bother. Now I list the total value (a wild guess) and hand it over without a single item listed. They don’t even glance. If they do you can do an oral declaration. I was stopped for the first time though, by the agriculture people, to ask if I had meat or cheese. I told her I don’t eat meat so she smiled and waved me on.


5 responses to “The loot

  1. What! Truffle mayonnaise but no truffles!, No truffle oil, truffles l’Orange, truffles flambés, truffles au chocolat, or truffles fromage?

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