Les saveurs de Flora, restaurant gastronomique à Paris

Bubbly at Flora, ParisThus begin my series of restaurant write-ups.

It’s our tradition – Brian and me – to have a splurgey last night dinner to celebrate the trip. For this trip I chose Les saveurs de Flora, owned and cheffed by Alain Passard-trained Flora Mikula. This pink frilly gem was located near our hotel, on George V in the 1st arr.

She clearly embraces and celebrates her femininity with over the top pink, flowers, butterflies, mirrors and crystal. It was like stepping into a very chic dollhouse.

Our very proficient smiling waitress immediately brought us our amuse bouche on a crystal cake platter. I had a chance to use my trademark resto phrase, “Je ne mange pas du viande blah blah blah,” and she pointed out the only one item that wouldn’t be suitable, a bread with bacon. The root and leaf soup with popcorn (!) served in what looked like a shot glass was intriguing and quite good. The vegetable mousse was good as well.

Studying the wine list at Flora, ParisWe both had a glass of champagne to start and studied the menu. The waitress asked me if I could read enough French to manage on my own. Not willing to admit that I would struggle, I promptly replied, “Oui,” and brought out the Marling Menu Master. After a few minutes of studying I knew what I wanted (actually had known I wanted the risotto with fresh white Alba truffles for my plat since perusing the menu when we’d walked by the night before) and had a couple of ideas for Brian but it was rather tedious so when she returned I caved and askd for help.

I chose a seafood tapas dish centered around a homard (lobster) ravioli to start and Brian had sort of a fish pot pie. The wine list was weighty but we didn’t want an entire bottle the night before flying home so she helped us each choose a glass each to complement our main dishes.

The seafood tapas starter at Flora, ParisMy seafood tapas started arrived on a flat black plate looking like a blackboard. I had four tiny dishes – the bowl of homard ravioli with the one plump ravioli floating in a most interesting broth of lemongrass and coriander. There was also one perfectly fried large shrimp nestled in a shrimp salad, a spring roll and a tiny crabcake with avocado – this was the only less tha nstellar item and I shared with Brian.

My main dish – the truffle risotto – was heaven and I spent several moments just enjoying the perfume before I slowly tucked in to savor every bite.

I couldn’t resist ordering the millefeuille of figs with glace fourme d’Ambert, jsut to see what blue cheese ice cream would taste like. Brian more wisely ordered the Declinaison autor du chocolat.

The blue cheese ice cream tasted as wrong as it sounded so I shared part of Brian’s chocolate tour. He got to the perfect tiny chocolate lollipops before I could, but I thoroughly enjoyed the white chocolate mousse with coriander and cinnamon cake crumbles.

By this point we were ready to sleep at the table – the trip was an exhausting one -so we didn’t linger in this pink dreamland, but this is a place definitely on my list to return to.


2 responses to “Les saveurs de Flora, restaurant gastronomique à Paris

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  2. I ate at Flora when I was in Paris with my mother in 2004. Every moment of the experience was incredibly memorable. I only wish I had been food blogging at the time so I would have more distinct memories. Thank you for sharing.

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