Sherlocking around Flickr

Town in SlovakiaOne time when I was a kid I found my Christmas presents in a closet. Naturally I unwrapped them, looked at them and rewrapped them.

I haven’t changed much. Despite the thrill of seeing someplace new for the first time I have this urge to find out all I can about it beforehand. The latest talks in the Traveling McMahans’ house center around Slovakia for Christmas 2007. We’ve been to Slovakia, but in the balmy springtime when I really should have sprung for the rental car *with* air-conditioning. I want to know what it’s like in the winter. Enter Flickr Advanced Search.

Type in your word and select a date range. Voila – a real, un-guidebook-filtered look at yoru destination at the time of year you’re going. Here’s what I found tagged with Slovakia taken this past winter. Here’s a clue that it’s cold: “Slovakia – Freezing in -10” That’s 14 degrees F. to us Yanks. Here’s a snowy clue that we should rent a car with maybe some snow-worthy tires.

More investigation reveals there are 38 photos on Flickr tagged with Terchova, the village we’ll likely stay in. I like that. That tells me it’s not overrun with camera-toting travellers like yours truly. Even relatively undiscovered Bratislava turns up 22,336 photos. Good to know we’ll be off the beaten path.

Maybe winter in Slovakia won’t come as a surprise to me — but then again, at least I can be prepared. Long live Flickr.


One response to “Sherlocking around Flickr

  1. Hey Dana…we so have travel in common…I like you sit around and dream of out next adventure. I read and study everything before we get there. Bu that is my nature…I enjoy doing my “homework” and it usually pays off in the long run. I am patiently waiting to make plans for our next adventure in the spring. We wanted to go for the holidays this year but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen!

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