A traveller’s Christmas

A Slow Travel ornamentThe mailman is bringing me delightful packages. They are coming from around the country, sent by the lovely people from Slow Travel Talk.

When my basement flooded in September, in addition to losing my freezer, winter clothes, luggage, small appliances, vacuum, weed whacker, antique trunk, high school yearbooks, photo albums, Christmas tree and lots lots more, we also lost nearly all of our Chrstmas ornaments. Though thankfully the ornaments we’ve collected on our travels were above the three foot water level and were spared, the other ornaments we’ve bought and have been given in our nearly ten years of marriage were lost. All our homey Christmas decorations for the house were ruined too, so we faced a Christmas stripped almost bare of all our cheerful and festive paraphanalia. We love Christmas time in this house and often put up our tree ridiculously early, so this loss was particularly painful.

Enter the kindred traveler spirits of my online friends at Slow Travel. They have provided invaluable travel wisdom and knowledge over the last year or so, and when learning of this misfortune they, incredibly, decided to help me decorate my tree this year. I have never met the majority of these friends in “real life” but they were moved to bring me some Christmas cheer.

Though ornaments from our first Christmas together are irreplaceable, and I’m saddened by their absence, these new ornaments come with a story of their own, one that I will remember every year when the tree comes out and the decorations go up.

The kindess and generosity of these friends who share our love of travel is now a part of the Christmas tradition in our house, one that we will treasure.

–I’m keeping a Flickr album of my ornaments as they arrive – check it out.


4 responses to “A traveller’s Christmas

  1. Hey…Dana…I hope everything is ok. I haven’t heard from you or seen you on slow trav or posting to you blog girl! Take care

  2. Well Dana, we wanted to suprise you the night of your tree trimming party but it just didn’t work out. Gunner and Bud (and myself) have a few ornaments for you as well which I’ll give to you this weekend. Hope you like them!

    P.S. I love your stories too! Keep on writing away!

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