The Halfway Party

Holly and me in Riomaggiore, ItalyWe booked our Great Ten Year Anniversary Trip months ago. A year in advance of the trip actually. I like to have things to look forward to, you see.

 We visited some friends in Florida over the summer – a couple with a retired Navy captain as the husband and they mentioned a halfway party  they attended. The party marked the date halfway through a deployment. I liked the sound of that. I like milestones.

Our fellow travelers Holly and Chas, who went to Italy with us, are going on the first leg of our Big Trip – the Mediteranean cruise.  Holly’s mom is also joining in the fun. Before we went to Italy with them, Brian and I had a fun weekend with Holly and Chas watching National Lampoon European Vacation, spreading out our maps and guidebooks and playing endless Italy travel DVDs while we plotted our trip. It really ramped up the pre-departure excitement.

I suggested to Holly back in July that we have a halfway party to mark the midway point beteen booking the cruise and actually setting sail. Her mom volunteered to host it at her house outside St Louis so next Friday, when the halfway point (or close enough) arrives, we’re setting out for a weekend of trip planning, giggling, wine drinking and general festivities. I have six months worth of Travel Channel and History Channel shows on our destinatations – Italy, Greece and Turkey – on DVD, and a stack of guidebooks to consult.

Part of the fun of traveling with friends is having someone to share the excitement with, someone you can call to just to gleefully say, “we’re going to Istanbul!” I look forward to these next six months of trip planning with a friend who nevertires of me telling her “… and they have free *sushi* on the ship!”.


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