Let the games begin, said the librarian

I love the library. My three year old niece Abby had never been to a book store, only the library. My mom took her to a bookstore tonight to look for a book for me (Rick Steves Provence 2007 I hope).  Abby tried to take a book with her and from all reports threw a holy terror of a fit when she had to leave it. I understand — the free lending library is such a great institution that it makes it painful to spend $24.95 for a book at a store.

During this drama I was at the Main Library in downtown Louisville (upstairs in the 914s) loading a tote bag with tomes on our destinations for our upcoming trip. I can stand for long minutes on end gazing at the row after row of colorful travel books. I feel a little guilty as I place the books one after another in my increasingly heavy bag.  What if someone else is going to Rome, Naples, the Greek Isles, Turkey and Provence? I shouldn’t hog all the good books. But the greedy little travel reader in me wins and I head to the check out.

“Let the games begin,” says the librarian as my books topple onto the counter. And that wasn’t even all. I shopped on their Web site last night choosing books – some from other locations, some from this one. They actually go retrieve the books for you, right off the shelves, and stack them downstairs with your name on them. If you don’t love browsing like I do, you need never even go to the stacks.

Here’s what I checked out:

Istanbul      949.618 BAR, 2006  Istanbul 
      914.9512 DAV, 2004  Athens  
      650.14094 SAN, 2003  How to get a job in Europe  
      641.59455 BUF 2006  Heat : an amateur’s adventures as kit… 
      914.5632 INSC  Rome  
      641.59495 KRE1  The foods of the Greek islands   
      FICTION  The sultan’s harem  
      641.692 TRO  Charlie Trotter’s seafood  
      641.65 TRO  Charlie Trotter’s vegetables  
      949.50094 BRO  The Greek Isles  
      910.202 STE  The fearless diner : travel tips and …  
      641.658 SAF  Truffles : ultimate luxury, everyday …  
      914.95804 GRE, 2003  Greek Islands.  
      914.9618 LON  Istanbul, a Lonely Planet city guide.  
      914.04559 LON  Mediterranean Europe.  
      914.573 FOD  Fodor’s citypack Naples’ 25 best.  
      949.61803 PAM, 2004  Istanbul : memories and the city  
      914.95047 FRO2  Frommer’s … Greek Islands.

(I wandered over to the 600s for a couple food books just because I could.)

Let the games begin.


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