Award travel = the Amazing Race

On board Delta CVG-JFKI was so thrilled to land two award tickets to Europe for the trip next summer back when I booked them *this* summer that I gave little thought to our flight home. I booked it with the assumption that I’d find something better and change it later. Well it’s later and there is nothing better. Look at this itinerary:

Delta 119 Paris-De Gaulle, France   12:25pm to New York-Kennedy, NY arriving 2:55pm.  So far so good.

Now then.

Go through customs, get our luggage, taxi it to New York-La Guardia, NY and check back in and get through security and get on our next flight which leaves at 6:00pm for Cincinnati, OH landing at 8:18pm, then take Delta 1441 at  9:10pm to Louisville, KY arriving at 9:54pm. Whew.

Not a snowball’s chance in July we’ll make that connection in New York even if our flight out of Paris is on time.

I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Delta today with one of the most helpful agents I’ve ever talked to. She checked literally *every* flight Delta – and their partners – operate out of Europe. And she was thorough – checking connections in cities like Kiev, Bucharest, Istanbul and Moscow in addition to the usual suspects like Milan, Vienna, Amserdam and London.  Nothing.  We’re stuck with this flight.

That’s the bad news. The good news though, is we got to dump the Atlanta connection going over in exchange for a Cinci one, meaning we fly up to JFK from Cinci with our friends and travel companions, and we have a 4 hour layover at JFK instead of 8.

I’d better get busy thinking of our back up plan for New York.  It’s crazy what we’ll do for two free tickets to Europe. But flying into Rome and out of Paris in the height of peak season would cost over $2600 for both of us so I guess it’s worth some Amazing Race style hustle.


2 responses to “Award travel = the Amazing Race

  1. It only takes 50k miles – every time we pay for a ticket we get 10k. The rest is Delta AmX for Brian’s work travels – and my mom sold me some of her miles this last time.
    I keep swearing them off but we’re back up to 20k in Brian’s account – almost halfway to another free ticket – so maybe just *one* more time with miles.

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