My world in food 2006

In a blatant theft of the idea from Chocolate and Zucchini here are my food picks (and pans) for 2006:

Cooking with gasFavorite souvenir brought home from  Paris
Mauviel copper pot and saucepan

My hometown favorites in Louisville (the places I keep saying I need to go somehere new but keep returning to)
The Irish Rover (salmon potato puffs!), Vietnam Kitchen (mock duck!), El Wattan (falafel and hummus), Cafe LouLou (spinach artichoke roll)

Dinner at Charlie Trotters

Favorite crazily expensive meal experience
Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago

Favorite use of endive
Tatin of Endive and Goat Cheese at L’Epi Dupin, Paris

Worst home cooked meal
Our attempt at L’epi Dupin’s Tatin of Endive and Goat Cheese

Biggest dining news in my old hometown (Somerset KY)
We can now get cocktails (albeit tasting like Nyquil meets KoolAid) in part of  the formerly dry province of Pulaski County. Lakeside Pizza, home of the $4.00 atually not bad pizza, gets our patronage on every trip down home.

I love St Jacques

Favorite newly learned culinary term
Saint Jacques (I always just called them scallops). We feasted scallops every day in Normandy,

Favorite (ok,only) cooking class
Divina Cucina in Florence

(Best bonus:
My story on the cooking class is being published next month!)

Great balls of mozzarella!Favorite cheese experience
Obika Mozzarella bar in Rome
We broke our “don’t eat twice at the same place while traveling” rule to return for more great balls of mozzarella.

Best risotto
with fresh white Alba truffles at Les saveurs de Flora in Paris. What is heaven if not fresh truffle season in a culinary paradise like Paris?

Cooking with Gas!!!!Most overdue home cooking purchase
A *gas* range – we’ve been cooking on electric 16 months, far too long! We broke our cook-at-home-no-eating-out record by making all our meals from scratch for four days.

Best crabcakes
Olde Pink House in Savannah. They were supposed to email us the recipe, but no luck.

Rungis market tourThe only food experience worth getting up at 4:30 a.m. for
Tour of Rungis Market in Paris.


3 responses to “My world in food 2006

  1. If you ever go to Richmond, VA you must try the crabcakes at Croaker’s Spot,119 East Leigh Street,
    Richmond, VA 23219.

    They don’t have a Web site. But that’s okay. That’s the kind of place it is.


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