Delta: “we love to change your itinerary and not tell you”

On board DeltaMy award travel saga with Delta took another turn today — luckily it worked out quite nicely. You may recall my recent laments in Award travel = the Amazing Race, in which I despair about the impossible connection between New York airports on our flight home.

This morning I pulled up our itinerary so I could call Delta to again plead for a better flight and I noticed instead of “confirmed” in the left column with each leg, a new notice  read “contact Delta.” Turns out they moved the LGA to CVG flight up by 4.5 hours, meaning it would leave before we even arrive from Paris. I knew I’d struck gold – now they’d *have* to change our flight, and at no charge.

Sure enough, after putting me on hold for a remarkably short five minutes or so, the agent came back with the news that we’re flying directly from Paris to Cinci, sans the messy two-airport stop in New York, and from there home to Louisville.  By rights this should be a “sky choice” flight costing 100,000 miles rather than the 50,000 “sky saver” flight we purchased. Thanks to the Delta schedule masterminds though, our ride home just got an awful lot nicer. Now if only they’d make a change that would result in a bump up to the front of the plane …


3 responses to “Delta: “we love to change your itinerary and not tell you”

  1. It’s never happened to me (Silver Medallion since 2005)… but then rarely do I have a booking 8-12 months out. A lot can change in that time I’d guess.

    Does this happen a lot?

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