Camembert + pumpkin butter panini

Camembert + pumpkin butter panini

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I started my blog with the intent of all travel all the time. But come now, we do have to have something to do when we’re not exploring the nooks and crannies of Europe, and that something is cooking. I’ve kept a Flickr set for a while now called In the Kitchen with Brian. Taking it to my blog is the next step. (Does this make me the dreaded “what I ate for breakfast” blogger?) And after all, my blog’s name is borrowed from the Michelin guide: ça vaut le voyage (it’s worth the trip). So with that little introduction, here’s my inaugural food post … bon appetit!

Tonight I played a little game I like to call, “What lengths will Dana go to in order to *not* have to go to the store?” I desperately hate going to the grocery during the week. I had a vague craving for a nice oozy cheese and had a wheel of Camembert in the fridge so that’s where I began. Five minutes of furious googling (brie quesadilla, Camembert grilled cheese — ooh,wish I had pears) brought me to a page with a divine-sounding Grilled Camembert and Pumpkin Butter Sandwiches. Game on! All I had to do was come up with some pumpkin butter. My cabinet yielded me a can of Whole Foods canned pumpkin, I had the requisite spices, brown sugar and apple juice, so I gave the ingredients a whirl in the heavy little LeCreuset while I buttered some honey whole wheat bread and trimmed up my cheese.

Super easy to assemble — to make things a little more interesting I made it a double decker. Buttered bread, pumpkin butter, minus the fresh basil the recipe called for I instead sprinkled on some dried, and the cheese. I grilled it on a pretty high heat and … oh, was it good. And as a bonus I now have a bowl of pumpkin butter in the fridge. Any ideas what to do with that?


2 responses to “Camembert + pumpkin butter panini

  1. Sounds wonderful! Here’s a few suggestions:

    1. Mix with cream cheese and spread on toast, english muffin, or bagel.
    2. Stir into oatmeal with a few honey glazed sliced almonds (Almond Accents).
    3. Use it as a filling in little tarts. Use pie crust or sugar cookie dough for the tart shell, fill with pumpkin butter and bake.
    4. Use it as a topper for cottage cheese.

    Mmmm…my taste buds are getting anxious!

  2. Your “game” reminds me of a post on somebody’s food blog about “10 items you must have in your pantry at all times.” She invited others to share their lists.

    Mine would include butter and eggs. There’s a meal.

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