The smart cars are coming

When we came home from Europe the first time I lusted after a MINI Cooper. When they finally came to this country I hopped in line as soon as I could convince Brian.

After visiting Sweden I was struck by a strange impulse to drive that Swedish brick the Volvo, which sturdily gets me around now.

But I have loved the little Smart cars and wished for one all this time. Smart has been teasing the U.S. for years – holding it out to us and taunting, “it’s coming, it’s coming.” Finally, they seem to be serious.

Smart cars can park sidewaysI’ve placed my “reservation,” which as far as I can tell doesn’t really guarantee me anything. But I have it in. And if there’s a dealer within 200 miles – here comes my Smart car! Just think – I’ll finally be able to parallel park! And, oh, the travel I can do with the money I save on gas!


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