Have pet, will forfeit travel

Puppy loveMeet Truffle. Four-legged love of our life. And reason for cancelling a trip to North Carolina we’ve had planned for months.

We meant to drive to Brevard, N.C., Friday morning for a weekend gathering of SlowTravel friends. There would be wine, food and lots of conversation aburout travel. I hoped to get some good tips for our upcoming visit to Provence from some people who spend weeks there every year.

That changed at 11:00 Thursday night when the veterinarian stuck a big needle in Truffle’s hindquarters and gave us orders to monitor Truffle and give him prednisone the next four days.

Truffle had had his annual vaccinations Wednesday, so when Brian messaged me Thursday telling mte Truffle had been sick five times I thought it was a reaction to one of the shots. He called the vet who said a reaction would have occurred sooner, but to give him children’s Benadryl. We followed these instructions but as the night went on we noticed Truffle’s face looking odd. We went to bed at 10 but our usually happy to go to sleep little buddy paced the bed, whining and growling, and hopped off to hide under the bed. We turned the light on and saw his sweet little face swelled up like Rocky Balboa after meeting Klubber Lang. His left eye was nearly swollen shut. We called the vet’s office and received a prompt call back from Truffle’s doctor who told us to meet him in 20 minutes.

After an ominous order like that we were so relieved when Truffle was removed from danger by the shot that we gave little thought to our lost travel plans.

But Friday morning we woke up disappointed to not be taking our little weekend getaw ay. I take my pup’s health for granted and the only connection I make between his presence in our family and travel is that we must arrange for his care while we’re gone. This showed me there’s more to it than that. We’re his people and when he’s sick he needs us, that’s all there is to know. The daily joy he brings us with his antics and his exuberance at seeing us far outweigh any disappointment at remaining home this weekend.

There’s no way to say this without sounding like a bad puppy mom but after this event, I hope hope hope nothing like this happens — obviously ever but especially –before we plan to leave the country for one of our longer trips. “It’s as bad a having a kid,” my mom said yesterday. And while I don’t delude myself that my pet is a child, caring for another creature does come with an awful lot of responsibility.

But who can begrudge anything given to this sweet face?
Being groomed just wears a dog out


4 responses to “Have pet, will forfeit travel

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get to make your trip, but trust me I completely get it. They are our kids and with them comes responsbility. You obviously take yours seriously and that is admirable.

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