Home sweet home

The loft in our houseWe made our loft into a cozy little movie-watching hideaway/guest room some time ago. I like spending time up there. But tonight I’m glad to be back in the main part of the house in our own bed.

We rented our house for the Kentucky Derby. We’re a couple miles from Churchill Downs and local motel prices resemble those of five star luxury European hotels for the 3-day weekend. We followed the lead of a number of other Louisvillians, and rented our house out. It was nice way to pocket some needed cash for our big trip next month and served as a great motivator to finish up some household and outdoor projects. Our guests arrived Wednesday night so we spent the night in the loft, then left for the long weekend and stayed upstairs again last night.

I wasn’t without trepidation. After leaving our house to the perfectly nice couple from Salt Lake City to head to my family’s home near Lake Cumberland, I began thinking of the things that could go wrong. I dreamed that night that we returned home early to find a big old party going on. I breathed a pretty audible sigh of relief when we drove down our road to see our house standing just like we left it.

It was an odd feeling, almost like being a ghost in my home, trying to be unobtrusive and quiet. I’m pretty ecstatic at the flow of money into our trip fund, and we’ll likely do it again next year. But for the moment I couldn’t be happier to be settled on our couch in our living room and in my comfy clothes.


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