3 hours + 52 minutes at Cincinnati airport

Business Elite Lounge in CinciThank goodness for the one-visit pass to the Crown Room Club.

“Each Delta Crown Room Club offers you a serene escape when you travel. You’ll enjoy a fully-stocked bar, snacks, televisions …”

We learned about these lovely calm and quiet getaways in airports when we cashed in three years worth of miles for two business class flights to Europe in 2004. We got to ensconce ourselves in the lounge and enjoy free drinks and snacks. Away from the noise and stress of the airport, we kicked back and marveled at this other side of the airport world we’d never known about.

The Crown Room Club is not quite as posh as the business lounge (and there’s chips/crackers/nuts instead of hors d’œuvres) but they don’t let you buy passes to the biz lounge. (We’ve tried. A few times.) 

It’s become our fun little tradition to while away the hours before a flight in the Crown Room Club in Cincinnati ever since. For $25 we have an open bar including not only alcohol but free Dasani. I drink a *lot* of water and at airport vendor prices I’m pretty sure I nearly get my money’s worth in water alone. We get comfy couches and TVs, newspapers, magazines and a nice clean bathroom. It’s all very soothing before we strap ourselves into the torture devices known as international coach.

We’re not driving to Cinci next month when we leave. We’ve learned that it’s just too difficult (and dangerous) to drive the hour and a half home after a 10 hour flight when it’s the middle of the night (on our internal clocks). So we’re flying out of Louisville, connecting in Cinci. We arrive at 3:38 and take off for Rome at 7:30. 

With Holly and Chas meeting up with us at the airport for the big flight, I foresee a most enjoyable afternoon in the lounge. I’m surprised more people don’t take advantage of this. I budget the pass into my trip expenses I’m such a fan. When you’re talking about airline tickets that cost hundreds (or a thousand plus), 25 bucks is a minimal investment in a pleasurable start to the trip.

The only drawback is we’ve twice had to pack up and run to our gate … we were so relaxed we didn’t realize it was time to leave!


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