What’s the difference in formal and informal anyway?

At a formal dinner on the Noordamon the Great 30th birthday tripWhen you go on a boat on a trip you need a boatload of clothes. On our upcoming cruise we have three formal, three informal (which I read to mean “slightly less formal”) and five casual — never to be read as shorts — nights. 

We began the prepacking dryrun today. In trying to estimate what our luggage needs will be we piled all the clothes we plan to wear on the bed, and wow. Oh wow. You know how they say “Lay everything you want to take out and put half of it back”? Not so much. In fact, when I looked at what I planned to take I see I’m short one formal night and one informal night, and who the heck knows what I’m wearing on casual night. It’s like packing for two trips — daytime and nighttime. Plus, just for fun, we’ve thrown 8 nights in France after the cruise.

Don’t get me wrong. I like being girly and dressing up at times.  And a girl’s ten-year wedding anniversary calls for such an occasion. And I look forward to seeing my handsome husband in his tuxedo. It just requires so much more thought than our usual mode of travel. And I must balance the cost of laundry on the ship with the excess luggage fee on Easyjet (for the flight after to Lyon).

I can’t help but compare our packing to our first trip — 25 days and five countries. And we carried everything in carry-on sized backpacks.

Ah well. I’m not the one doing all the heavy lifting. :)


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