Almost as excited as Truffle

18 days till the Great 10 Year Anniversary TripWhen Truffle wakes up in the morning he is thrilled to be alive. He hits the floor running (literally), hopping, dancing, wagging his tail, the happiest creature in the house. It’s time to get up! It’s another day! Yippeee! I’m always envious of him as I begrudgingly extract myself from my cozy nest.

But lately I wake up with butterflies in my stomach and a grin on my face. It’s almost time. Almost time for the Great 10 Year Anniversary Trip! I’ve been planning and waiting for a year and it’s finally almost here.

I just love these last few days of delicious anticipation.  At the same time my impatience grows — the closer it gets, the further it seems. I still have two full weekends and two and a half weeks of work until I’m on the other side and boarding the plane. How will I ever make it? Istanbul awaits. Fields of lavender in Provence await. And oh, the food awaits!

Even a trip to Target takes on trip significance. I spend long minutes in front of the travel-sized goods, weighing my options, imaging how these tiny bottles that represent TRAVEL to me will fit in my bag, will work out in that world I’m heading to.

For the next 18 days I’ll go to sleep waiting for dreams of the trip and wake up waiting for June 9 to arrive. And the cooleset thing? It will.


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