My dog might be a little spoiled

Spoiled TruffleGranted, Trufflis is named after one of the most luxurious ingredients in the world — the white Alba truffle. But still. Even I recognize it’s a little ludicrous to give my dog Copper River Salmon.

But I was full. And no way am I going to waste something that costs this much and comes around only a few weeks a year. I content myself by thinking he enjoyed it maybe a little more than his Iams dog biscuits.

Grilling Copper River salmonDinner was good tonight. After a four mile strenous hike today at Jefferson Memorial Forest we were hungry. And having dusted off the little charcoal grill we found in our garage when we bought our house we decided to really make use of it with a once-a-year treat — Copper River salmon.

I generally only like salmon raw, you know, on sushi rice with wasabi and soy sauce. But this fatty vibrantly colored fish is one I can enjoy cooked. Brian was giddy when he phone Wild Oats and found they would hold 10 ounces of it for him — they had only two pounds left.

Grilling asparagusI googled and found a good recipe — Emeril’s, if you can believe it. I liked the sound of the relish, made with corn, tomatoes and avocado.  Serving the salmon atop grilled asparagus just sounded like summer. I’d also been meaning to try a twist on potatoes I’d seen in Oprah magazine — they’re lightly steamed, then grilled. It sounded healthy *and* tasty.

Copper River salmon dinnerIt all came together beautifully. We grilled the corn instead of boiling it — it developed a very nice caramelized flavor. Brian picked out a Pinot Noir (I followed the Wine Advisor’s recommendation to serve this red with the Copper River). It was altogether a lovely meal to start the summer.

And I’m convinced Truffle appreciated his treat.


4 responses to “My dog might be a little spoiled

  1. I agree Dana, my cats are the most spoiled cats on earth! In fact, one of them, Callie shares my Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with me. My cats are part of my family! You must be gettign excited just think 11 days till departure. I can’t wait but at the same time, it will be over before we know it…take care!

  2. Hey, Dana how are the travel plans and packing coming? Only 8 more days…but now I’m gettign sad, ’cause it will be over soon. :( Start planning for the next trip I gues!

  3. Lucky Truffle!

    Your dinner sounded amazing. We’re big fans of that Copper River Salmon, too, but financially, I’m relieved it has limited availability!

    We’re so excited for you and your upcoming trip. Wish we could’ve joined you……

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