What to do with a potato peeler and corkscrew in Provence

Break the lock on the room you’re trapped in. Brian broke the key off in the lock of our little studio in Jonquieres when we went to bed Saturday night and we woke up yesterday to find we were trapped. Using utensils in the kitchenette he got us out in 20 minutes flat.

Just a quick update while I wait for Brian to shower up … I’m sitting in the garden of Mas du Clos d’Escarrat, where we’re staying. The garden is the only place we can access the wireless internet.

I’ll get the bad over with first – I’ve been sick for a week. I’ve self diagnosed a raging sinus infection and bought antibiotics in Capri, nasal spray in Lyon, and the closest thing that can be had to Benadryl in France in our nearby village.

On to the good — just a few highlights because we’re laving for Avignon for the day shortly.

In no particular order …

>> Being serenaded by Michel of Chz Michel’s bistro in our village while we sip pastis with new friends, som transplanted British folks.

>> Taking a hamam, the traditional Turkish bath, in the island of Rhodes. You can definitely expect more on this, but it involves a stranger pouring bowls of water on me, and lying on marble slab to be soaped, scrubbed and rinsed (did I mention it required being naked?) – all for 5 euros.

>> Another bath experience, but much gentler … a surprise visit to a day spa in Santorini from my friend and travel companion Holly (who’s tolling around Italy as we speak) where I enjoyed assorted beauty treatments including salt, mud and a milk bath.

>> Being told (through an interpreter) by a spoonmaker in a tiny Turkish mountain village with the most haunting blue eyes I’ve ever seen that he thinks my eyes look like his.

>> Swimming the Green Grotto of Capri on our anniversary. Our hired boat captain Luigi nosed the boat in, shouted at us to jump, hurry, and picked us up on the other side. Lifejackets? Be serious, this is Italy. When the Italian version of the coast guard pulled up alongside us we gave them Fanta and cake and went on our way.

>> Dining on mezes in Istanbul with a cat in my lap.

There’s so much more — it feels like we’ve been here forever, but we’re off for another day. Au revoir for now!


4 responses to “What to do with a potato peeler and corkscrew in Provence

  1. Dana!! It’s about time, I’ve been checking in every day hoping to see an update. Sounds like a fabulous trip; feel better!

  2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every police officer, military soldier, and state official in the world preferred being bribed with Fanta and cake!

  3. Doused with water on a marble slab….a hamam sounds a bit like preparing a body for burial!!!! I think I could go for at least one of those experiences in my lifetime…just to say I did it.

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