Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Every day when we returned to the cruise ship we were greeted with smiles, hand sanitizer and “welcome backs.” And on particularly hot days with ice cold towels – lovely, I assure you. But as they say, there’s no place like home, and arriving home yesterday evening to a perfectly chilled house blooming with flowers and set for a post-flight snack was heaven.

John and Kerry, who took beautiful care of our house and Truffle while were were awa,y made our home a haven to come back to. And how welcome that was after a Monaco Grand Prix-like dash around Paris yesterday morning, a three hour series of lines at Charles de Gaulle, tears at security when they confscated the tiny forks that went with the antique klikatera I bought in Rhodes, and nine hours of two toddlers kicking the back of my eat and sceaming their way across the Atlantic.

Welcome backWe had a bottle of refreshing white wine waiting, a platter of lovely “nibbles” and the table set with a beautiful handmade tablecloth Kerry gave us as a thank you gift. A thank you gift — when it was they who took care of our house and pet or three weeks! And gift baskets full of goodies for us *and* Truffle! They went so far above and beyond I was speechless.

It was good indeed to be home and even better to sleep 11 hours in our own bed. And now the work begins — unpacking, laundry and figuring out how to go back to our everyday life.

3 responses to “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

  1. Hey Dana & Brian, I’m so glad you made it home safely. After yesterday’s scare in Scotland at the airport. I hope all is made and that you had a splendid vacation. We did! It rots being back to the real world though. Take care! :)

  2. Hey there world travelers
    WELCOME HOME, Can’t wait to hear about this adventure and see your pixs. Later.. Love, Val

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