You can take the girl out of Provence …

Lavender in a hidden garden behind Asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near Saint-RémyI purposely chose to visit Provence while the legendary lavender is in bloom and was not disappointed. The romantic purple flowers perfumed the air and delighted this traveller’s eye (and lens) to no end. I think I might have even clapped a little when we first came upon the famous Abbey de Sénanque and I saw my first lavender fields.

I went a little lavender crazy, buying lavender soap (bar and liquid), honey, room spray, armoire fragrance, even ice cream.  The scent will always transport me back to our week in Provence.

I couldn’t resist, then, picking up some lavender plants today at the nursery as part of my post-trip treatment. Brian is planting them along our fence in our side yard (henceforth to be known as our “garden”).  If I can’t live in Provence, I can at least bring a little Provence home.


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