As good as traveling and only two miles away

Sting! Courier Journal photoI had a blast last night without leaving the country. In fact I didn’t leave my zip code.

Two hours of euphoric enjoyment two miles from my house was a good reminder that all the good things in life aren’t a plane ride away.

Of course there has to be a travel tie-in, and there is. When we took the cooking class last year in Florence we spent the day with three other students — including Joseph Sponzo, Sting’s chef. Though I in fact, already liked Sting, after meeting his way cool chef I listened to his music some more, paying attention now, and developed a greater appreciation for his unique and mesmerizing vocals.

So when we learned the Police would be hitting Louisville we grabbed tickets the day they went on sale. And were they ever worth it!

I couldn’t be any further from a music writer so let’s just suffice it to say that Sting absolutely rocked and I couldn’t get enough. My bruised hands today tell the story of my wild clapping — and I would have gone on applauding all night if they would have kept returning to the stage.

On our way to the Police concertI anticipated the concert all day yesterday with almost as much excitement as leaving for a trip — like many people in Louisville I expect, I played the Police all day, singing in my car and dancing in my living room before we left.

I’m glad to know there are things I can get that enthusiastic about that don’t require vacation time or jet lag. And wow, do I hope Sting will come back to L’ville.


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