It’s easy, vote

Vote now, vote often Fabulous prizes can be mine if you click and vote for my photo in EasyCar’s photo competition. One Mediterranean cruise was evidently not enough for me, because I wouldn’t mind winning their 4 day EasyCruise in Greece (if for no other reason than I’m curious about the ultra-budget line’s version of a cruise).

Though a more practical prize would be the “One week’s free car rental from easyCar from any of our 2,400 locations in over 60 countries worldwide, to the value of £250!” or the £150 easyJet voucher — that’s a lot of flights when we’re talking about the airline that brought us one penny flights.

I don’t hold out much hope for winning Trip Advisor’s One Trip a Year for 10 Years contest, but maybe I can score some EasyGoodies with your help :)


If you’re curious, this photo is of the Vieux Bassin in Honfleur (in Normandy, France). This area used to be on the sea but as silt from the Seine built up, the seaside houses gradually ended up inland, now facing a lovely little harbor.


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