Hot sunny day in MykonosI haven’t actually done crack myself, but mustn’t this be what it feels like?

Brian interviewed for and is considering taking a part time job with an airline. Those are a few words with a big punch. It comes down to two words.

Free. Flights.

I have to repeat that. Free. Flights. Anywhere this airline flies. And that includes Paris, where I could hop to to do my grocery shopping over the weekend. Forget going Krogering, I’m talking about hitting La Grand Epicerie for my truffle vinaigrette or sea salt with fennel. I’m shaking my head with wonder — where would we go first? More like where would I go first, actually, as Brian would have to be, you know, working in order to earn those flight bennies (see, I’m learning the lingo).

To be honest the pay is a joke — it shouldn’t even be called pay. But the siren song of those free flights drowns out any qualms about scaling down other expenses.

We’ve lusted over flight maps and ID90 fares, checked Hotwire for the lowest hotel prices in far-flung cities, drank wine and dreamed big this evening.

Looks like “where do you want to eat dinner this weekend” could take on a whole new meaning.


2 responses to “Crack!

  1. Did they realize that You & Brian are “travelolics” Te-hehehe!!!! AND THEY ARE OFF TO THE GREAT BLUE YONDER……………..

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