I’m an Official Prize-Winning Amateur Photographer

The spoonmakerI entered my Sunday newspaper travel photography contest because a lot of people (well ok, pretty much just my mom) have told me some of my pictures are kind of good.

I entered a photo in each category — Faces and Places. Lo and behold I got an email today (that I almost trashed because I tend not to read email that start out: Congratulations, you’re a winner) with the lovely news that I’d placed in both categories.

This photo of the spoonmaking man in Sirince Turkey took 3rd prize in Faces. Really, how could his blue eyes not have merited a prize? (Said prize being a book on photography.)

In Places, my early morning shot of Vieux Bassin in Honfleur, Normandy placed 2nd. The paper ran this photo a few months ago in the reader travel photo page so I thought I’d give it a shot. Glad I did — now I’ll be the proud owner of a coffee table book of someone else’s photos.

The paper will run the photos September 2. Autographs freely given ;)

Vieux Bassin, Honfleur, Normandy


10 responses to “I’m an Official Prize-Winning Amateur Photographer

  1. Nice picture, and congrats with the competition.

    I shall be in Honfleur on September 22nd – that’s the first port of call on our Braemar mini-cruise – so I shall see if I can emulate you. We’ll probably be harbour-side in late afternoon (we’re off to Bayeux in the morning to go round the cathedral and look at a piece of old stitchwork…..) so I’m hopeful I might get some afternoon sun. Of course, there’s got to be some sun before I can do that!

  2. Thanks all!
    Tom, enjoy the that “old stitchwork” ;) And do be sure you feast on St Jacques in Honfleur (we know them as scallops).

  3. No surprise from me, Dana. You’re photos are really fantastic. I love the spoon maker photo! The blue in his eyes, shirt, and the items behind him really make a well-balanced photo. nicely done!

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