Smart — it figures!

Courier JournalI’ve been on the waiting list for a Smart car for months. The release in the U.S. of these super cute cars I love in Europe has been promised and delayed, promised and delayed.

I *just* bought a car last week, figuring the promised 2008 release date would be pushed back again.

Now, NOW, I read today that not only are the Smart cars coming, they’re coming to Louisville! In January! And insult upon injury, to the Swope dealership! Arrrrggghhh!

Anyone want to buy a Volvo? (Sorry, I don’t take livestock, weapons or jewelry on trade.)


One response to “Smart — it figures!

  1. There were a number of people on the Celebrity transfer coach from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia in June who had never seen a Smart before (never even heard of them, I believe). They were truly astounded when they saw them. They were also astounded when I mentioned that they are not cheap cars in Europe: they’re not easy to construct, and there’s a lot of complex engineering in that small body, in order to provide some sort of passenger protection in the event of a crash.

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