And the judges said …

So you may know I placed with a couple photos in the Louisville Courier Journal 2007 Travel Contest. My paper arrived with these lovely comments from the judges:

Second place: Places

Peaceful morning at the Vieux Bassin in Honfleur

It was very early in the morning on a trip to France last October when Dana McMahan, a Web content developer, noticed the light on the water in the harbor. “I knew it would never be as still again,” she said. So she set her camera on the dock and started shooting what turned out to be “… my favorite picture I’ve ever taken.”

What the judges said: “This image was full of color, contrast and detail. A complete photograph that would hang well on a wall.”

Third place: Faces

Dana McMahan, Louisville. (Photography book, $20 retail value)

Turkish spoon maker in Sirince

Obviously a keen traveler, since she also submitted the second place PLACES photo from a different country, McMahan took this photo of 65-year-old Kasikçi Zeki while visiting the village of Sirince on the Aegean Sea. “He was wonderful. I bought a spoon, a mortar and pestle, and a spoon holder,” she said. And he threw in a bag of cedar shavings and an extra spoon.

What the judges said: “Being close to the subject, or appearing to be close, can turn an average photograph into one that stands out. The man’s wrinkled, weathered skin and sensitive eyes cannot be avoided; nor can the wonder of the stories he could tell.”


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