A headache tale

(This is Brian typing because Dana cannot stand to look at the computer).

Well that’s a dramatic start to a post isn’t it. I spent eight hours in the emergency room Friday after a visit to urgent care sent me there to test for some scary stuff.

Wednesday night a sudden pain in my temple made my eye go numb — it was followed by a headache. I went on to work Thursday morning but the headache and accompanying vertigo made it impossible to work. Friday morning the worst headache of my life woke me up. I won’t bore you with the details of the agony, but tears and nauseau were involved.

The urgent care doctor noted my symptoms, checked some reflexes and motor abilities and gently instructed me to go to the emergency room to check for a leaking aneurysm. Like I said, scary stuff. More boring details ensue at the hospital  but the upshot is the CT scan and lumbar puncture (!) showed no brain issues.

Bad news is their five attempts to puncture my spine have left me bedridden, on narcotics,  and completly dependent upon Brian.

What the good doctors neglected to mention when they glossed over the possibilty of a spinal headache resulting from the lumbar puncture was that while one in three patients will experience a spinal headache following the procedure, young women of low body mass (yours truly) are at much greater risk of the debilitating condition. So my visit to the ER because of a headache has sent me to bed with an equally bad headache.

That will be enough of my pity party. I’ll follow up with my family doctor and neurologist this week. And hope to resume my usual ramblings soon.

(Hint– I’ll be talking about an independent trip soon. )


6 responses to “A headache tale

  1. Oh Dana, I’m so sorry dear. I had that same thing happen when I was being tested for MS last year. Spinal taps are not fun. Keep taking you pain meds and drink tons of caffeine. Thsi will. Stay flat on your back. So sorry. I hop you are feeling better soon. Hey I’m coming to Kentucky next month…we will have to try to meet again! :)

  2. Wow, so sorry to hear about that. Scary I know – but glad it showed nothing serious after all that.

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help. If Brian has to leave – I’ll be happy to “babysit”.

  3. Dana, I just read about your dreadful headaches and all you’ve had to go through! Low body mass is something I’ll never have to worry about, LOL!
    Be well and snuggle with Miss Truffle. I hope that everything will be fine and that you’re felling 100% in no time!

    “Pokey” from Slowtrav.com

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