It’s fall … Let’s make an apple tart with caramel

Apple tart with caramel

Originally uploaded by travelingmcmahans.

Brian made these tarts with a recipe from the Joy of Cooking.

The apples are Honey Crisp (great for just eating, too) and the crust is a butter crust (also great for just eating!)

The filling is kind of of like a custard, with heavy cream and eggs.

I made the caramel from the recipe L’Epi Dupin in Paris uses (according to my French bistros cookbook). It’s only sugar and butter, stirred, stirred and stirred. I read several chapters of a book while I stood at the stove and stirred. Next time I’m going the lazy chef route and making the ten-minute sugar, butter and cream version.

We had these tarts with vanilla ice cream for dinner Sunday night. Sometimes I still get a kick out of being a grownup and deciding that if I want apple pie for dinner there’s nobody to stop me. (Though come to think of it, the best dinner I had as a kid growing up was blackberry dumplings — from our freshly picked berries — and ice cream).

I love fall.


3 responses to “It’s fall … Let’s make an apple tart with caramel

  1. Sounds yummy! I wish we could get Honey Crisp apples here in Italy! I do have a great microwave caramel recipe if you’re looking for REALLy quick and easy one!

  2. Your caramel looks worth the effort, but I can see why you might want to make the easier version next time! And there is something so satisfying, if slightly scary, about pouring cold cream into burning sugar.

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