It’s time to turn the oven on

Chocolate chip cookies

Finally, fall has actually arrived. I’ve been pushing for it, what with my apple tarts and my caramel apples but it was all wishful thinking with the weather more like July than October.

All the doors and windows are open in my house now though, the fresh and deliciously chilly air pouring in. So what’s my first response to the house being cool for the first time since spring? Crank up the oven! We avoid it most of the summer because a 425 degree oven in a kitchen in the center of a 900 square foot 80-year old house with sub-par air conditioning means hot and cranky Dana.

But it’s cool out now and a toasty oven is a happy thought. And what better way to welcome cool weather than homemade with real butter and plenty of brown sugar chocolate chip cookies? It smells like heaven. Brian announced that he’d made a new variety that tastes great as a cookie and terrible as dough. Sadly this had little effect on my tendency to make myself sick eating dough.

Welcome back, oven weather!


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