There is no love like a pup reunited with his momma

Puppy love!

Originally uploaded by travelingmcmahans.

Despite having the most tremendous time of my life this summer during our 21 days in the Mediterranean I thought about Truffle every day. And every time I saw a little dog — or any dog for that matter — I missed him terribly.

So of course I was thrilled when John and Kerrie — the lovely couple from Australia who took care of Truffle while we were gone — said they’d bring Truffle when they came to pick us up at the airport.

And did they ever bring him! As I stood outside waiting to see their car I noticed a cute little pup trotting along. A moment later — when the dog came hurtling towards me — I recognized him as my own sweet pup. He dove right in to a joyous snuffling of all the exotic fragrances I’m sure I carried from the morning in Paris and all day on an airplane.

Kerrie snapped this photo and just emailed it to me this morning. I still can’t decide who looks happier to be together, me or my pup.


3 responses to “There is no love like a pup reunited with his momma

  1. OMG! I’m =so= not a huggy pet-picture person (it took a lot of willpower not to discriminate against the one secretary with 38 heart-framed pictures of her cat in her office) but ….

    This is _the_ most heartwarming picture. I might just have to have it printed, matted, and framed for my desk.

    (Talking to self: hit “submit comment” then close browser. Do NOT read the cookies entry because you do NOT have access to chocolate chips and it will make you cry. That-a-girl Molly, now click on the “submit comment” button, then click browser closed, and then walk away.)

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