Who can resist a secret place to eat in Paris?

A Paris passagewayI wasn’t born in an era when I could have patronized speakeasies but something about their illicit nature is appealing to the side of me that wants to go where other people haven’t (Transnistria anyone?).

Naturally then I was intrigued to read about an underground restaurant in Paris on Chocolate and Zucchini called, sensibly enough, Hidden Kitchen. It’s an American couple who host dinners in their apartment once a week for 12 people. This is Paris mind you, so we’re talking about ten courses, matched with wines, of food that could tempt one to lick their screen upon seeing the photos.

What a fun idea this seemed for my solo trip to Paris — dining with fellow travelers/foodies will be especially welcome in a week filled with meals on my own. But the menu is fixed and I thought this may just be one of those rare times that not eating meat would interfere with something I really want to do. I dashed off an email to Paris inquiring whether I’d have to miss out because of my food choices and received happy news in a couple days. It’s no problem to accommodate me with a modified menu.

So while I may not even have my plane tickets yet, I’ve got a dinner reservation at Hidden Kitchen. And where is this place? I don’t know yet. It’s a secret, remember? I’ll get the address a few days before dinner. It’s all just so deliciously clandestine. I can’t wait.


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