Let history not repeat itself

Rain fills MerhoffThree days of rain have made farmers across Kentucky happy. Liquid gold, they’re calling it. And I’m glad for it. But that liquid gold showed up in my street last night when I arrived home from work.

If you remember the flood last fall about this time, you’ll know how spooked I am by finding so much as a puddle in my street. Because the floodwaters last year didn’t come in from under my house. They came in from outside.

We called Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) four times before we convinced them they needed to get out here. The water was up to the wheels of my car in the driveway before they came.

We learned something they never explained during all the rigmarole following the flood last year. We knew about the big water basin behind the houses diagonally across from us since the flood last time. It’s full. We now learned that the valve that automatically releases the water sends that water into a small pipe running under our street. The pipe couldn’t keep up last night with the volume of water forcing its way through so it started to rise up to street level. The MSD worker was concerned enough to bring out his supervisor and some large trucks. Before we went to bed last night we saw this outside:
MSD brings out the big trucks

It’s morning now. And the street is starting to fill again with more rain expected today and tomorrow. We’re both headed to work but one of us will come home at lunch to check on it.

Let’s just hope history doesn’t repeat itself today.


3 responses to “Let history not repeat itself

  1. Hope you stay dry. Where we’re from, Southern California, we could use some of your water. Although we are currently on the road in an RV, we kept a close eye on our home with the help of neighbors and family. Fire came within a mile, so we can feel your aprehension with the flooding. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now and really enjoy it. We managed one trip to europe in the spring of 06, for 7 weeks. Had a great time. You can read about on our blog in the archives.

  2. I was wondering after hearing that Louisville had received like 5 (or)06 inches of rain the other day. Plus not including what you got after that report.. Hope that everything is ok..

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