San Pellegrino liked this picture

San Pellegrino found this photo on flickr

I guess flickr is the place to go for photography to illustrate your web content these days. I’ve had several requests to use my photos on various web sites that I’ve agreed to, but none with big names. I’ve also applied creative commons licensing to many photos, so people are free to use them with attribution. I sometimes stumble upon them in unexpected places (like here and here).

Then I received flickrmail from San Pellegrino’s PR people last week (you know, the super expensive Italian bottled water). San Pellegrino also owns Acqua Panna (one of my favorite waters) and they’re featuring some Italy travel stories on their web site.

Alas, they didn’t want a story from me (when they have people like Faith Willinger writing for them) but they did want one of my favorite pictures — the artichoke seller in the San Lorenzo Market in Florence. (Ironically, my friend Holly actually used my camera to take that photo — it just lives in my flickr because I’m the all-things-travel and online-obsessed one.)

So today they kindly notified me that the photo is online. You can go to and click the top story, “With Love from Tuscany.” There are about 20 photos accompanying the story — this one is #4. I do wonder why they mislabeled the location of the photo though — I’ve never heard of Piazza Santa Spirito, much less been there.


3 responses to “San Pellegrino liked this picture

  1. Piazza Santo Spirito is a wonderful small piazza in the Oltra Arno area of Firenze. Santo Spirito church is in this piazza.


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