Don’t call the library police

A library from pre-online renewal timesTrue confession: I keep library books past their due date. When I was a kid my parents jokingly threatened my with the Library Police. (I think it came from a Stephen King novel — one ofmy favorite authors as a 12-year old.)

So despite a half-fear of the ominous Library Police, why do I still keep books out past their due date? Sometimes because it’s due while I’m on a trip and, umm, the book is with me 5000 miles away. Sometimes because the books are in the back seat of my car and I don’t remember to stop to drop them off.

And sometimes I knew perfectly well I have an overdue book but I’m not finished reading it. I’m ashamed to admit this to my fellow Louisvillians who rely on the library like I do, but I have a book now that’s past due and is on other patrons’ waiting lists. I’m not finished though and I don’t want to return it midway through the book. Horrid, selfish and not very coommunity-minded of me, I know. But I’ve only got 100 or so pages left so I promise I’ll finish it tonight and drop it in the return box tomorrow — I’m too embarrassed to face the librarian when I return it.

I could have probably bought the book now with what I’ll pay in overdue fees on it. I wish my fines went to my Friend of the Library dues — I’d be a lifetime platinum family VIP member.

I swear. It goes back tomorrow. Just don’t call the Library Police in the meantime.

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