Happy Halloween from Transdniestria

I’m a bit lame at Halloween costumes. Mainly I look around the house for random inspiration.

This year the Russian hat we picked up at a St Petersburg souvenir shop caught my eye. It’s collected dust on a shelf in our study for years. But with my new-found fascination with the self-styled republic of Transdniestria it formed my “costume” foundation of a Transdniestrian separatist.

The costume mostly consists of the hat and a red sweater because I associate communism with the color red. Now if I could get some Transdniestrian postage stamps to stick on some of my Russian roubles I’d have Transdniestrian currency to carry as a prop.

One response to “Happy Halloween from Transdniestria

  1. Great idea… Suggestion: You could also get some Transdniestrian currency. This is better than using the Russian roubles. See http://www.pridnestrovie.net/money.html

    Regarding the stamps, more info here: http://www.pmrstamps.com/

    Your outfit is missing a red and green flag. It is easy to make. The red sweater is a nice touch, but Transdniestrians are not communists. See http://www.tiraspoltimes.com/node/955 and http://www.transdniestria.co.uk

    Happy Halloween!

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