Lovely leftovers Lundi

(Ok so I’m taking liberties with language for alliteration’s sake — Lundi is French for Monday).Monday is my night to make dinner. The rest of the week I’m relegated to sous chef. We had lots of leftover garlic-roasted mashed potatoes from last night so I decided to revisit a one-time favorite in our house — the carb extravaganza of a potato pizza.

I started with a pizza crust (we usually have one in the freezer — Brian makes two at a time for this reason), brushed it with olive oil, then piled it with the mashed potatoes. I caramelized some pearl onions to top it with, then sprinkled mozzarella and goat cheese (thanks to eek for that idea) and pine nuts to finish it.

I baked it at 425 until the goat cheese got that nice crisp crust and then promptly burned the roof of my mouth clean off.


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