What can I buy in Paris with €40?

Found eurosIn the course of doing some tidying up around the house this weekend we found a total of 40 tucked away in places we’d evidently hidden them in and forgotten about.

So I have a fun little €40($58.98) to start my daydreaming about Paris. What can I do with this sum?

Let’s see. It gets me within €5 of buying a four-day Paris museum pass. With this lovely pass you gain free entry, without queuing and as many times as you wish, to over 60 museums and monuments in and around Paris.

Also with five more euros I could take a wine tasting class at the Musée du Vin Paris.

If I added €10 I could pick up a 4.7 inch copper sauce pan from E. Dehillerin (read more about this kitchen supply store on the Chocolate and Zucchini blog).

Looks like I’d better search through some more drawers and books to see if I have any more euros stashed away.


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