3/12/08 Delta 44 makes it official > I’m going to Paris!

I booked my flight!It’s official. I can say I’m going to Paris all I want but until I have my ticket in hand — ok, confirmation on screen — it’s not official.

It’s official now. I’m really going! I’m booked on March 12, 2008 flying Delta from Louisville to Cinci, Cinci to Paris on Delta 44. I have never been so nervous booking a flight to Europe. But then again I’ve never booked just *one* ticket to Europe. Good sport that Brian is, he poured me a drink and told me he’s excited for me (even though he’s home working while I’m gallivanting around Paris). I wonder how many times he can listen to me gleefully pronounce, “I’m going to Paris!” and continue to smile so genuinely.
In other news, this may not be the solo trip I anticipated. A drink with with a girlfriend recently turned into conversation about her joining me in Paris.  I’m not announcing anything though, until she, too, has booked her flight and makes it *official*.


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