And then there were two!

Sun over Notre DameI told my friend Tracy over drinks a few weeks ago about my trip to Paris. “How exciting! she said. “You should go!” I replied. And you know what? She is!

She’s waffled for several weeks and I thought it would stay a solo trip. Which was ok — I was happy enough to go to Paris, it didn’t matter that it was alone. But I went to her place tonight for a little festivity and while I was there she booked her ticket. It’s gone from a solo trip to a girlfriend trip. Tracy has been to Europe — in fact she has spent more time there total than I have — she’ll be a good travel companion. What I’m giving up in independence I’m gaining in companionship and someone to share memories with.

With three months till trip time, it’s fun to have someone to share in the excitement and planning with. We have a beautiful apartment picked out for the week in the Marais. It’s huge (by Paris standards) at 500+ square feet and a bargain since it’s priced in dollars not euros. Check it out here.


One response to “And then there were two!

  1. Wow! The apartment looks charming! I was surprised and happy to see that you have a travel companion. Wish it was going to be ME! :)

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