Coffee Break French

Dana goes to the Eiffel TowerI have found the cutest Scottish French instructors! I swear before every trip to France that I’ll brush up on — or really, learn all over again — French. I now have a 20-minute twice daily bus ride to and from work and 2 months, 21 days before I go so it’s time to load up the iPod with some French lessons.

Coffee Break French has ten lessons out so far, and with the enhanced edition listeners can press the middle button on their iPod two times in order to see the words and phrases on their screen. You’ve got to check Mark and Anna out. She’s learning from Mark as we go along. They have the most charming Scottish accents but Mark has lovely French as well. I like that they’re not so perfectly and haughtily French that I feel my Pulaski County High School French learned from M. Koepplinger will never suffice. They’re so cute and cheerful I’m totally confident I’ll be quite fluent by March. (Ok, maybe not, but it will make the bus ride more fun!)


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