I do love cheese — will I love my cheese?

The cheese course of lunch with Pat and TomI have very much enjoyed reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle over the last week (makes the bus ride fly by!) and as promised by dottcomments, it indeed shares how to make your very own cheese.

Making my own cheese isn’t something that would have ever occurred to me but now that I’ve read about it I’m intrigued.

I checked out the New England Cheesemaking Supply (as recommended in the book) and ordered the citric acid and rennet needed to make my very own “30 minute” mozzarella. I’ll need to buy or borrow a 6 to 8 quart stainless steel pot, find the closest to local I can get NOT ultra high pasteurized milk (may be a challenge as it’s not labeled as such) and wait for the mail man to bring me my goodies. This weekend the great cheesemaking experiment will commence. I’ll post photos (even if it’s a flop).

On the more optimistic side I’m already dreaming of Camembert, chevre and cheddar …


2 responses to “I do love cheese — will I love my cheese?

  1. I used to make my own cheese. I started out with chevre, which is what most people recommend. Raw milk is obtainable at Whole Foods in my state, not sure about yours. I always preferred working with goat milk.

    I used to correspond with a chemistry professor who had an excellent online site. He was from university of cincinnati if I remember correctly.

    It was pretty fun but I find the requisite level of antiseptic cleanliness somewhat daunting. I used to disinfect with vodka, by the way, mainly because I was so paranoid about soap scum.

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