I know I come back with some odd souveniers sometimes, but this?

Rummaging around my house the other night for something soothing to apply to my ravaged nose (memories of a miserable day in Lyon not far from my mind), I came across this:

Mustela Crema balsamo.

It’s French diaper ointment.

Now, I’m used to coming across ticket stubs, receipts, foreign gum and other ephemera, even medicine amongst my belongings, leftover from our wanderings. But “vitamin barrier cream” for baby butts? Porquoi?

I read the package though, ignoring references to the stuff that babies exude, and latched onto: protects skin effectively from the aggression of diaper friction. Well if it works against aggressive diaper friction, seems it could work against an onslaught of approximately 300 Puffs Plus over the course of two days.

And what else do you do when you find a random tube of French baby supply in your house? Slather it on your nose. It can’t be any worse than the personal lubricant incident in Lyon.

And after a minute of stinging, it did actually soothe my poor red and swollen nose. I still have no idea how or why I came to posses it, but I’ll continue to make good use of it.

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