Daylight saving what, when?

The first light of the evening at the Eiffel Tower I am a terrible dunce when it comes to calculating time zones. I also have a freakishly sensitive interior clock and time zones, even Daylight Saving Time, really throw me out of whack.

Here’s the time festival I have coming up:

A week from Tuesday I leave for Las Vegas to attend a conference for work. Las Vegas is on Central Time, so that’s a two hour time difference. I know that’s going to mess with me. I return home late that Friday night (like 1 in the morning). The next night we move to Daylight Saving Time, “springing forward” an hour (which I HATE because I lose an hour of sleep.)

Then Wednesday I leave for Paris which is GMT+1, Central Europe Standard Time. Normally that would be 6 hours ahead of home. But get this. Daylight Saving Time (also known as European Summer Time) does NOT start at the same time ours does. Theirs begins the last week of March.

It took me five minutes of counting on my fingers to work out what that meant for the time difference between home and Paris. I don’t really even know why it matters, but it became very important that I calculate it once I realized it wasn’t the usual 6 hours. I think I’ve got it. We spring forward and they don’t, so it’s a 5 hour difference.

Now you know, in case you had a terrible urge to know too.

6 responses to “Daylight saving what, when?

  1. Dana, as it happens, I did have a terrible urge to know, but my head was spinning by the 3rd paragraph. We must suffer from the same “untimely” condition. So, here’s my advice. When you get off the plane in Vegas, ask what time it is. Do the same in Paris….I could come along if you need some help, ha, ha… Of course, it would be cheaper to just buy a few watches and wear them. :) K

  2. I’m sorry to confuse you even more, but Las Vegas is in the Pacific Time Zone. That’s a three hour difference from Louisville.

    Drinking lots of water is supposed to help.

  3. And generally speaking, though not applicable for this trip, Central time is 1 hour different from Eastern time, which is where we are.

    That one in the middle is Mountain time.

  4. You could move to Arizona. There is no daylight savings time there. Or get an iphone it has a world clock built In.

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