Nothing to start your day 13 days before leaving for Paris than chirpy tv news anchors who announce, “Dollar hit a record low against the euro this morning. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, pout on the brakes!”

They preferred this dramatic approach to actually telling me the rate, so I checked online. And it’s now over the buck 50 mark at $1.51 to the euro. Ouch indeed.

Permit to whine for a minute about the decline of the dollar since my first trip in 2001. The exact same meal, metro ticket or souvenir now costs almost *double* — not even counting the natural price increases before factoring the exchange rate. I think it’s time to start travelling closer to home. After Paris of course.


One response to “Ouch

  1. I saw the same report this morning and thought to myself YIKES! I’ve been taking a break from Europe since ’05 & taking trips closer to home like Cancun, Vegas, 2 Caribbean cruises, Vancouver (splendid city), and Alaska. Nothing beats Europe but traveling nearby isn’t so bad. My brother just traveled to Mexico City and loved it.

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